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Pro-pel Plastech was established in 1984 and is family owned and operated business.
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Environmental Awareness

Pro Pel Plastech was started with the awareness that plastic was a concern for our environment. Tons of plastic was going into landfills when it could have been recycled.

We work with major manufacturers who lose 10 percent of their production to waste. We clean, reprocess and pelletize that Plastic into it’s original pellet form.

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In 1998 Pro-pel added a 20000 sq. foot building for machinery and storage of finished material.

In spring of 2012 we installed a solar electric system and 25 percent of the power used to recycle will be made with green energy!

In 2014 Propel added an addition 38000 sq. foot building in the east section of the Industrial Park. Our production exceeds 7 million pounds a year of multiple types of plastic.

Award Winning Process

Recycling is a vital industry in the world markets. Pro-pel Plastech is proud to be part of such an important and responsible industry. Our clients are proud as well. They know that by recycling their plastic products, not only does the environment benefit but so do they. Buying recycled plastic serves as a way to reduce overall cost and conserve the environment.

We specialize in urethane reprocessing and handle many other materials, Such as HDPE, LDPE, PS, ABS, HIPS and PP. We also successfully conduct services such as reclaim extrusion, grinding, shredding, densifying, slitting and core cutting.

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